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  • Jacqueline & Kim
    Jul 1, 2017

    Hello there. I'm Jacqueline. I'll tell you how to use the sofa in the room as a bed. It's explained in the video.
  • Jacqueline & Kim
    Jun 28, 2017

    Hello. I'm Jacqueline. There's a garbage can under the garden stairs. There's a name attached to the trash can. Sort out the trash according to the name tag. Thank you. ^_^)/*
  • Jacqueline & Kim
    Jun 26, 2017

    From Incheon Airport Arex ( Airport Railroad Line )     Cost:  3850won     Time require:  60mins     Operating time:  05:30~23:00   1. reach Incheon International Airport line to platform 3. 2. eight stations after moving, get off at Hongdae Station exit no 1 Right now, turn to the right and go along the street until the interraction stops.  ( You can find the first pedestrian crossing ) 3. Cross the street . 4. Right away, turn to the right  and go straight. 5. Now, you can find the second small crosswalk !  ( In front of 'OLIVE YOUNG ') Cross the street. ( So, you can find a convenience store 'SEVEN ELEVEN ') 6. Go straight about 40 meters. 7.  Come to the first allay what you can see (Allay is between 'MUTO'shop and 'FAMOUSE LAMB'restauranrt.) 8.  Turn to the right right away....You can find my home sign "WOWFACTOR"!!!